Make sense of your ideas and create systems that aid execution.

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Ideas are easy, ideas are always in the air; the things that are hard are starting and staying in the game. It is sometimes hard to make sense of our ideas enough and believe in it enough to take the first step and even when we do, staying consistent, not dropping off, not giving up, setting ourselves up for success is hard.

Execution is what breaks a lot of people who had the courage enough to take a step. Execution doesn’t have to be hard, experience has shown me that with the right structures and systems in place, anyone can implement an idea. I have done with the TVP, Kuwaza, time and time again with Women Will, etc and I want to give you this hack.

In this bootcamp, I want to teach people – entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, professionals – everyone how to take the necessary steps to create systems that will help you execute ruthlessly.

This 10-hour Bootcamp is a paid course that will run from 30th July, 2020 to August 2nd, 2020. During these intensive 4 days, I would take you through a four step process (Become → Start → Build → Execute) and at the end, you would have practical tools needed to develop, validate, plan and execute any idea; be it business, project, event or content.



What You Would Learn


  • Introduction
  • The Mindset of an Executioner
  • Disciplines of Execution
  • Mindset Assessment Test

Key Objective: Find out how much of an executioner you are and how you can improve


  • Dealing with mental/creative blocks
  • Identifying and validating ideas
  • Mind mapping
  • Needs assessment

Key Objective: Learn how to visually organize your ideas and outline what you need to make it work.


  • Picking the right people
  • Creating execution roadmap
  • Structuring [converting ideas to  products]
  • Define your audience & your tools

Key Objective: Structure your idea into a product/project and make a plan that is easy for you to follow through.


  • Implement Systems as Habits
  • Communicate and launch your Idea
  • Measure & Iterate
  • Monetise your idea
  • Price your worth

Key Objective: Implement your systems plus learn how to monetize any product/project.

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