Video 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

In this video, I teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing. You’d learn about the Buyer Journey & Persona | Inbound and Outbound Marketing | the 3Is of digital marketing | Fundamentals of SEO, social media marketing, display advertising, email marketing and more.

Video 2: Facebook & Instagram Advertising Practical Tutorial

 In this video, I take you through the step by step process of how to set up ads on Facebook and Instagram via Ads Manager; how to remarket to your Instagram followers, how to set up carousel ads and much more.

Video 3: Google Ads

Here, I teach you how to set up Google Search Ads (those ads you see when searching on, Google Display Ads (image ads that show on websites and blogs) and YouTube Ads (the ads you see before or while watching videos on YouTube).

This is a private video hosted on YouTube. I have shared access with you via your email address, so click this link and sign in to youTube with your email address (the one you use in filling the paystack form) or head straight to your email address and access the video from there.